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Kody Brownfield

Kody Brownfield

Office Manager

Kody Brownfield started as a summer intern at Integrity Financial Services, and he is currently Office Manager having been with the company since 2019.

Kody handles administrative duties along with all documents and paperwork for Terrilyn and the team.  Due to his computer knowledge, he is the go-to person for technical support in the office, and his goal is to deliver excellent service to all of our clients.  Kody is the grandson of Ed & Terrilyn, and they are delighted to have someone from the next generation on their team providing insight and a fresh direction.

An Eagle Scout from Troop 507, Kody graduated from Victory Christian School as a Golden Grad in 2018 and also attended Oklahoma State University.  Prior to his employment at Integrity Financial Services, Kody’s work experience was in retail.  

Away from the office, Kody enjoys spending time with family and friends, and he loves everything outdoors:  rock climbing, kayaking, shooting, snowboarding, and camping…just about anything that allows him to be outside!